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Pastas, Spices, Olives, Mistos, Bags, Baskets, Soaps, and other items.

Try choosing the right oil when they all look the same and the label is the only information you have?

It is difficult to compare taste unless you have the opportunity to open several containers of oil at the same time, not something a consumer usually does. 

Here at Ollie's Olive Oil Haus you have the opportunity to try as many Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Infused Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars that your tummy desires; they represent extraordinary examples of unique quality and value impossible to duplicate in the traditional supermarket brands

There is no substitute for individual experience. 

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In-house "Delightful Teas"

Hello All,

Going forward after the October 2nd breads, Erin from The Spice Crate will be taking on the bread from MPTC. You can click on the link  to place your bread order.Hello All,